How did I get a Job in the UK(London) from India

Why the UK and why not the USA or Canada?

Finding a Visa Sponsorship

TIP #1: Don’t approach Job Consultancies

TIP #2: Prepare your Resume and Cover Letter with International Standards

  1. Get some nicer format by browsing the internet. And modify the format according to your taste. Throughout the resume just make sure that no spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes exist. Use simple vocabulary don’t use all the vocabulary that you learned for GRE or GMAT.
  2. Do NOT have too many colors and fancy font styles and tables in your resume and you make it look like an exhibition photo. Just have a nice decent lite color theme and stick to that theme. My favorite font is Cambria and the color is the light sky blue. The main idea is that the resume should give a decent appearance to the recruiter, just the same as how you appear to the interviewer.
  3. Do NOT extend your resume beyond three pages. Please, please. This is very important. I have seen a few resumes that extend up to 8 pages. Recruiters don’t usually have that much time to read your 8-page resume. They will put one big namaskar to that resume and throw it away. Seriously.
  4. On the first page of your resume, highlight your skills as bullet points. If possible mention also your certifications, if any, on the same page. This makes the interviewer know the skills they are looking for. On the second page, mention your previous projects. Here try to be as brief as possible. Don’t write the whole project spec. Come on. Recruiters don’t have that much patience to read everything in your resume. Just mentioning the three recent projects is enough. Try to put all three projects on the same page.
  5. On the third page, mention your academics, personal information, and your career interests. And that's it. Very simple.

TIP #3: Applying the Jobs for Sponsorship

Where to apply?

How to apply?

Tip #4: Dedicate at least one hour of Morning and Evening just to applying for the Jobs

TIP #5: Most Important. Don’t Give Up

  1. LinkedIn:
  2. Indeed:
  3. Glassdoor:
  6. (good)
  7. (good)



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