The perks of merge and rebase

git merge and git rebase are excellent tools for integrating changes from one branch into another. But there is often a confusion about which one to use when.

NOTE: This can be understood better if all the commit histories in the diagrams are thoroughly followed. It will take a little more time but I am sure this will clear out all the confusions that we have about rebase and merge.

First lets understand how merge works. We will follow an integrated approach. This post is a little comprehensive about merge and rebase. …

Relational Databases are dominated by NoSQL data stores and here is why.

RDBMS is the wonderful technology serving remarkably well and is still a great choice for many applications. Most of us are well aware of how data are organized in relational databases (as tables and columns) and that they overcome data anomalies and avoid data redundancies. But RDBMS worked well for mid range applications and failed to meet the needs of increasing data, faster querying capabilities and flexibility in data modelling. Here are the 5 reasons why it is tough for RDBMS to handle high work loads and why organizations are moving from RDBMS to NoSQL.

Poor Performance of Join Queries…


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